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What services do we offer


1. Free assessment of your chances of getting a tennis scholarship

Thanks to years of ATP tour experience, our own time in college tennis and as licensed coaches, the WiBa team has the reliable expertise to realistically assess your tennis skills and your chances of getting a scholarship in the US.

2. Inclusion in our database

Your profile for an application to an American college. We create your profile with you: Name, ranking, full-time or semester abroad, training video, scores in required tests.


3. We help you to register for TOEFL, SAT, ACT, NCAA

Information material and telephone assistance on the respective registration procedures, complying with deadlines and regulations.


4. We put you in contact with relevant universities

On the basis of your profile, we put you in contact with tennis coaches at suitable colleges.

5. We help you to make the right decision

Based on your priorities and the offers available, we advise you on the selection of your scholarship and your future college.


6. Further tips for preparation

We provide you with advice and support for the best possible sporting and academic preparation.




You are not sure yet if studying and playing College Tennis in the US is right for you?
We give you 10 reasons why you benefit from a College Tennis Career in the US.

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#1 The Experience of Tennis as a Team Sport and the constant availability of players to practice with

A big advantage of college tennis is not only the infrastructure and the professional support of experienced coaches who have many years of tennis know-how, but also the large number of training partners. As a rule, you can assume that there are 6 to 10 training partners available to you on site, as college tennis is played as a team sport, similar to the Medenspiele in Germany or the Interclub in Switzerland.

#2 Perfect solution to combine Tennis and Studies
To ensure that there is no time overlap between your course selection and daily training, as well as your exam dates and college matches, a personal academic advisor will be available during your college years to assist you with the timing between your studies and college tennis.
#3 A personal academic advisor and more time to decide on the course of study
A big advantage of the American education system is that you don't have to decide on a fixed course of study from the beginning. This allows students to get to know a wide range of different subjects without wasting time. All courses taken and credits earned still contribute to your degree. As a rule, you must have decided on a course of study after two years at the latest. Of course, you can also make this decision earlier. Your individual academic advisor will advise you individually on the choice of course and subject.
#4 International experience and fluent English
Through your stay in the USA you will learn the English language fluently in writing and speaking. As an international student, you will take English classes for non-native speakers, which will greatly improve your writing skills. In addition, a stay abroad and fluency in a foreign language is always good to have on your future resume.
#5 Bachelor's degree and a subsequent Master's degree are possible
The average duration of studies for a Bachelor's degree in the USA is four years, i.e. eight semesters. By taking courses during the summer break (May to August) or by taking a higher number of courses in the autumn or spring semester, it may be possible to complete the Bachelor's degree earlier. Depending on the university, it may even be possible that certain classes from your High School time will be credited. If you intend to continue your academic education with a master's degree in the USA after you have completed your bachelor's degree, you should contact the universities or coach in good time to find out about possible options. Alternatively, a Master's degree in Europe is possible.
#6 Daily tennis and fitness training under professional conditions
On one hand, sports facilities at US colleges ensure that you can train under professional conditions every day. Universities in the USA have their own outdoor tennis courts as well as indoor tennis courts and gyms. On the other hand, the university's professional coaching team, usually consisting of a head coach and assistant coach, ensures that you can get the most out of yourself and develop your game. The number of training hours per week varies from university to university and also depends on the season and the schedule of play. However, you can usually assume that the average training time is between 15 and 20 hours per week. This training time also includes the professional fitness training, which is carried out by the university's employed fitness trainers.
#7 Sports physiotherapy and medical care
In addition to tennis and condition-specific care, you will also receive medical attention if necessary. In case of physical complaints, you can make daily use of the physiotherapists provided by the university and only for the athletes. They will of course also help you to prevent and maintain your health.
#8 Match practice through the almost weekly holding of college matches
The tennis game days of the universities, so-called dual matches, take place in the main season (January till May) mostly weekly between Friday and Sunday. Occasionally the team matches are also held during the week. Initially, three doubles are played up to six or seven games (a normal set). The special feature is that only one match point is awarded for all three doubles and they are played with the no-ad rule. Furthermore, the game continues after a let serve. The last two rules also apply to singles, but one match point is awarded for each singles match, so that in total 7 match points can be earned. In the fall semester (August to December) you have the opportunity to participate in college singles and doubles tournaments. However, since the fall semester is mostly used to prepare for the main season, you will usually participate in three to six such tournaments.
#9 Team trips to away games throughout America
The away match days bring a nice special feature for all travel fans among you. Not only will you get to know other tennis courts and universities, but also different regions and cities in America. The country is known for its climatic and geographical diversity.
#10 No fee for indoor- courts and tennis lessons
Fees and costs for indoor courts and coaching are part of the German competitive tennis sport. It's nice that your parents don't have to pay for all this in the US. In addition, catering on tournament trips or on college match days is provided for. Furthermore, most college tennis teams will provide you with equipment such as: shoes, rackets, strings and clothes.


The Team



Frank Wintermantel

  • Recruitment expert for young athletes on their way to college
  • Highest ATP Ranking: 620
  • B. Sc. at the University of Heidelberg 2015 
  • M. Sc. at the University of Applied Science Mittweida 2018
  • German University Champion in 2011, Vice World Champion with the German team at Master U 2012 (unofficial university world championships) 


"I want to pass on my experience of how to best combine competitive sport and study. I am happy to help young people to a successful personal and sporting future"

Moritz Baumann

  • Expert in the selection of the appropriate American university
  • Former student athlete in the US at the University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Highest College Rankings: S #6, D #3
  • Highest ATP Ranking: 344
  • Top-level (A) Trainer’s licence of the German Tennis Federation


"I now want to use my broad network of college coaches to help young ambitious athletes wishing to combine their studies with sport to obtain a tennis scholarship in the US. From my own experience, I know the steps you need to take and what to watch out for on your way to becoming a student athlete."

Why wibasports?

Own college tennis experience

We advise you objectively and competently in all academic and sporting matters


Contacts and Network

We have personal contacts to numerous colleges throughout the US

Application know-how

Knowledge of college rules & regulations and the application processes

Tennis Expertise

Thanks to our own expertise in college tennis and competitive tennis in general, we have earned the trust of the coaches

University graduates

We know the challenges of various Bachelor's and Master's degree programs



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